Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Animals Are Outside Today- Colleen Plumb

Photo: Colleen Plumb

Animals Are Outside Today is a curious mix of life and death, celebration and loss- equal parts exuberance and reflection that perhaps raises more questions than insight into the roles and relationships that transpire between animals and humans in the life and rhythm of everyday existence. We befriend them, eat them, play with them, capture them, extol their virtues and abuse them. Colleen Plumb's photographs examine our various interactions with animals, both domestic and wild, that occur since childhood. Often they are elementary as to how we form relationships, how we experience death, how we establish boundaries and perceptions that persist throughout life. Sometimes it's an ongoing relationship that we explore and nurture, other times one that we are barely aware of, unless confronted.

Ms. Plumb's photographs are alive with color and compositions filled with childlike wonder- as well as the tragedy and dissonance one also experiences during that passage.

Photo: Colleen Plumb

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