Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Republicans "Win" Debates

Not by logic, adherence to facts or the ability to break down complicated issues into understandable truths- but with threats, backyard bullying and sheer intimidation. Doesn't matter if it's a Republican politico or a FOX Views pundit. Whoever yells the loudest while repeating the mantra of unsubstantiated dogma wins...   

"Let me just say that the right-wing bias was there in the newsroom, up-front and obvious, from the day a certain executive editor was sent down from the channel to bring us in line with their coverage. His first directive to us: Seek out stories that cater to angry, middle-aged white men who listen to talk radio and yell at their televisions. (Oh, how I'd love to stick quotation marks around what is nearly a direct quote.)"
"To me, FNC reporters' laziness was the worst part of the bias. It wasn't that they were toeing some political line (though of course they were; see the embarrassing series on property rights from 2000), it was that the facts of a story just didn't matter at all. The idea was to get those viewers out of their seats, screaming at the TV, the politicians, the liberals -- whoever -- simply by running a provocative story," he wrote in October 2003.   --Matt Gross

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