Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Growing Gallery Of Shame

Cops can choose to be heroes, the mindless unwavering sheep of their puppet masters (admittedly, where most of us reside), or complete and utter cowards and assholes as exemplified by Mr. Pepper Spray above. Wow, a video he can show to his grand kids with pride!

Sadly, but the latest incident in a growing gallery of shame...

Photo: Joshua Trujillo

You don't have to take a very close look at these photos to see the work of bullies.The first fat bastard sprays a dozen people because he knows they're completely non violent, pose no threat, and has his boys in full riot gear to bust ass in his stead even if he did somehow face retribution. The second- jeez, an armed terrorist mugs a little ol' lady, basically... for laughs. The final coward strikes from the anonymity of the crowd- a very well armed crowd of thugs. Brave fuckers all, going that extra mile to protect decent people like you and me.

Photo: Randy L. Rasmussen

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