Monday, June 27, 2011

Tragedy and violence certainly make powerful images...

But there is a price extracted from every such frame: some of the emotion, the vulnerability, the empathy that makes us human, is lost every time the shutter is released.  --Greg Marinovich, from The Bang Bang Club

I suppose in this time of virtual image saturation, the same can now also be said every time we view those images- particularly from the comfort and ease of our living rooms where any direct association with the actual event is far removed and none existent. 

In fact, violence, and extreme violence at that, that both emulates or goes beyond the violence photojournalism strives to depict is now exulted in countless video games via the same medium many of us now view most of our images. Many are no longer shocked at the depiction of violence, they are simply let down if the portrayal is not graphic enough.

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