Sunday, June 12, 2011

Congratulations, Mavericks!!!

I'm not much of a fan anymore, although I make the occasional effort come Finals or World Series time. And when I tuned in to the initial loss by Dallas, my only question was- how the hell did they make it to the finals anyway? They were hopelessly outgunned and outclassed- the Miami Heat were in a class unto themselves, the heirs apparent, the reigning gods of hardwood. A virtual superstar team unto themselves, led by the the sovereign power of Lebron and the force of nature called Wade- they simply had to show and unleash the spectacle, as they most surely did in Game 1 to no one's surprise. This series would be neither pretty nor easy to watch.

All the Mavs had going for them was an awkward looking white guy who was almost painful to watch even when he was doing good- but his shot was as good as his play was ugly. And the rest of his spectacularly unspectacular teammates never gave up, never rested, never stopped coming back- stealing and rescuing game after game at the very last second, the very last shot. They never considered the championship their birthright, over the course, they simply demonstrated they were- the better team.

(from someone who never thought he'd ever root for anything from Texas)

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