Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Last Mountain

Although a well done and insightful movie about the onerous, dangerous history and legacy of King Coal that very much extends to the present day (more than ever), what I'll remember most about The Last Mountain was having Robert Kennedy, Jr. speak in person after the film. It was my first time experiencing what can only be described as a genuine, real live optimist. Not to say that I've been converted or transformed- but it's pretty damn amazing how a man can stay so positive (while inspiring others as well) when he's clearly against all odds- and isn't just peddling some get rich quick scheme to enrich or aggrandize himself, and himself only. It must be one helluva rare and special gene to possess- one so apparently alien to my own genome.

And please see the film- this is a modern day David v Goliath in which we all stand to lose...

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