Monday, June 6, 2011

Matt Black

Photos: Matt Black

About a week ago when I met up with Pete Brook of Prison Photography fame, I asked him what photographer(s) out there were worth looking at- and he kept repeating one name with a wry smile on his face- Matt Black, Matt Black, Matt Black... 

Every great once in a while, I have the self deprecating pleasure of posting about a photographer who's so damn good that it embarrasses one to be even seen with a camera- and yeah, Matt Black most definitely fits that description without any question or doubt. His photographs are epic, try finding a weak one in any of his essays- they don't exist. And they help tell a tragic story so often seen and recounted, but seldom explained and never really understood. Matt lures us in visually, and once you catch your breath, actually attempts to tell us just why the conditions he photographs exist.

Photos: Matt Black

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