Saturday, June 11, 2011

If We Had A Responsible Press...

...who actually did their jobs, the people who sanctioned, ordered and perpetrated the most heinous forms of torture imaginable in our name (you know- US, the good guys) would be sitting at a war crimes tribunal awaiting judgement and sentencing along with certain Serbian, African and other such foreign monsters. Instead, the majority of Americans believe that our torture policy amounted to little more than college hazing pranks and "stress positions," when, in fact, people have died and have repeatedly been tortured to within inches of their death.

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Eric Rose said...

Our press covers only the really hard hitting stuff like political sex scandals. And of course they cover each other, endlessly, blah blah blah.

One of the biggest wastes of airtime is Nancy Grace. Boy she covers the real IMPORTANT stuff now doesn't she. Well as long as it's about white people anyway.

Kaddafiduck kills a few of his country men and the US / NATO are all over it. Syria slaughters 1000's and nothing but finger wagging. Got to wonder why??