Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Losing What's Needed Most...

When I was lamenting the absolute dearth of people of color who were gallerists, editors, etc in NYC (and in general)- Mrs. Deane commented that there were, in fact, people of color whose work, participation and organizational skills in the arts and photographic fields were of vital and acknowledged consequence throughout various areas of Europe. Actually, it was to Europe that I warily looked for the spark of "enlightenment," FOAM's resolute and misguided inactions served only to dissolve and deflate those hopes.

Yesterday, Hester of Mrs. Deane was gracious enough to write and inform me that one of those shining lights, Karmin Kartowikromo, along with fellow gallerist and lifetime partner, Emmo Grofsmid, were killed in a tragic car accident. Of course, I knew neither of them, but from all accounts, Karmin was a much loved, highly generous and very supportive member of the arts community, as was his partner. Mentor, friend and nurturing elder to many up and coming artists in his community (as is Alex Harsley in his), I can only hope that there will be more people of color who have the opportunity to try on his shoes in a worldwide community badly in need of their presence.

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