Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two for Christmas...

Photo: Vanessa Winship

Two books I'm hoping Santa will throw my way. One is Sweet Nothings by photographer Vanessa Winship, who you're probably already familiar with. Finally saw it the other day, and while already a great fan of her work, I also loved the relatively small size of her book.

The other is Protest Photographs by Chauncey Hare, a name which may only be familiar to those who harken back to the '70s, since his work is not readily available online and apparently hasn't photographed in quite some time. And while Hare's photos may echo Walker Evans, the former's work also seemed to foreshadow much of what was in turn to follow. Hare however, was certainly not the elitist Evans was (Robert Frank's assessment, not mine)- sadly, they don't make many human beings the likes of a Chauncey Hare, in any decade...

The reproductions in Protest Photographs are supposedly top notch; more on Mr. Hare at Exposure Project and 5b4.

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