Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alex Welsh- Hunters Point

One begins to understand that which is foreign by committing the time and effort necessary to explore and interact with that "foreignness" in a personal and intimate matter. It's called stating the obvious, something our elders, the supposedly more learned of our population, should be readily familiar with. And yet, so many content themselves with following the bloviating pontifications of those who profess the knowledge and wisdom accrued from their own limitations, misconceptions and self serving prejudices conveniently gathered from the obscuring comfort of distance.

Hunters Point is a polluted, post industrial neighborhood tucked away in one of the farthest reaches of San Francisco. Isolated, and partially situated on a hillside, it reminds one of nothing less than a favela in Rio or Sao Paulo. You don't elect to go there, unless you live there; local media avoid it at all cost. Alex Welsh is a young, budding photojournalist who took the time, made the effort, and yes, assumed the risk to acquaint himself with a community shunned and ignored by the famous city on the bay, and in the process emerged with several worthy insights into its everyday life and residents- as well as a remarkable set of images...  (via DVA Photo)

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