Sunday, December 20, 2009

Journey Of Consciousness- Bruce Davidson

Wow! A three volume, 800 photograph collection from Steidl- all the old faves, some never published... and work from his most recent urban landscape projects on LA and Paris. If you don't have any of Maestro Davidson's previous work, Journey of Consciousness is one helluva way to catch up.

BTW, maestro in Spanish means teacher, and this is one Puerto Rican who to this day feels honored to have had some small segment of his people documented by Davidson in E100st. Everyone of his photographs comes with a free workshop, not only in how to see and photograph, but how to treat the subject matter, whatever it may be, with the dignity and respect it deserves.

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K. Praslowicz said...

Added to my wishlist. I've wanted some Davidson in my collection for some time, but just never bought any of his. This may fill that gap nicely.