Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photo: No.33

I've seen many pictures with similar subject matter, so have we all- many whose aesthetics were considerably keener, lighting more dramatic, composition more dynamic. In an age where even we self professed lovers of grand photographic images pass over the most compelling of images in seconds' time, this one made me stop full and complete. Perhaps it was the very lack of artifice that first commanded my attention; the image is chilling as it takes us to death's door, and keeps us there- alarmed, vulnerable and uncertain. Are we here to witness the life affirming power of love? Or are we once again left with the mournful echoes of a mother's cries, holding the dying hope of mankind?    (AP Photo/Adem Hadei)


beatriz said...

you said it all. a great image....outside of the "aesthetics" of predictably heart-rending photo journalism.

roger said...

its just like everything else - a complete cliche by the rightwing media

Stan B. said...

Maybe... but I think the mother would disagree.