Friday, December 25, 2009

The Thing

Perhps this is the right time to sneak this in as everyone opens their presents. I took a picture of this thing, this thing on the sidewalk. And I have no clue what the damn thing is. It's not a refrigerator, in fact, closer inspection revealed the thing was hollow and made of wood- and looked to be but part of a yet larger unknown thing.

The real problem is that I don't even know if I like the picture of the thing. And I usually have no problem whatsoever editing. But the thing is a thing unto itself. If it was just one picture of a larger series of unkown things, or an essay of the thing in different places doing different things, it would at least have some kind of relative relevance. It might even work its way up to becoming the money shot in an essay of unknown things. But alas, it is just one meaningless, solitary photo of a thing unknown. And yet, it compels me to look at it. Proud, defiant, almost noble in its cause- and we shall never speak of it again (though I'm betting everyone has a thing somewhere in their archives)...

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