Monday, April 19, 2010

USA: Bad Politics, Lousy Beer, Worse Pizza

"It's like a French Revolution in reverse in which the workers come pouring down the street screaming more power to the aristocracy."

So often I wonder why Americans vote against their own self interest time and time again. Of course, one can only assume, hope and pray that if they really, actually knew better, knew how they continually kick themselves ass first non stop- they would actually reform, change their ways and profit by their new found enlightenment. But what hope can there possibly be as long as they continue to drink watered down piss for beer- and if anywhere but in the NY area, continue to eat rounded cardboard with ketchup for pizza, and bogus rolls with holes for bagels.

If we can't get even the most basic of foods right, what hope is there for politics?

PS- Yes, it's true- I'm a pizza snob. Having grown up in NYC, I just thought good pizza was a god given right. I had no idea I was one of the (geographically and gastronomically) privileged few (same for bagels). Perhaps the analogy aint perfect. I can understand people not knowing any better through no goddamn fault of their own... I can't forgive adults who purposely choose to be lied to, willingly allow themselves (and their children) to be taken advantage off, and most importantly- knowingly blame others for their own transgressions.


Mike C said...

That's an interesting dynamic - the voting against their own self-interest. In my opinion, it is largely created by the "haves" convincing the "have-nots" that affluence awaits them in abundance if only they will support the cause and keep the hope alive. As you would expect, this segment of America is rooted in the red states where "belief" and "faith" take precedence over fact and reality. You would expect they'd figure it out by now. Republicans have been tapped into this contradiction for a dozen years. How sad. So many Americans , so much stupidity. Now, for the good pizza and beer!

Stan B. said...