Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How's Your Photo Legacy Looking?

Photo: Lisa Wood

I once read (forget where, forget who) that even with the most famous photographers, people remember only 100 of their most famous photographs- at most. So right there and then I set a goal for myself of eventually creating at least 100 images in my life that (at least in my view) could be considered damn good memorable photographs that could proudly withstand the test of time... Done!

And yet, I still got that nagging feeling that I'm no closer to photographic immortality now, than I ever was. So I started thinking what it might take to have My Mighty 100 forever memorialized...

  1. Start shooting fashion at major natural catastrophes.
  2. Dodge multiple bullets in multiple wars and rescue every person I photograph.
  3. Fake half my photos and proclaim the fake half really realer than the real half...
  4. And claim I thought of it first.
  5. Average a daily minimum of 100 comments per each of my posts.
  6. Have the first Blurb Fine Art Photography book optioned by Hollywood.
  7. Appeal to The Religious Right- Jesus Saves (His believers kill the rest)!
  8. Name a gallery, grant and workshop after myself.
  9. Name an art critic after myself.
  10. Take a hundred thousand more better photos!
So what would it take for everyone to remember just ten?


Miserere said...

Dude, I didn't even know you were a photographer until this post.

As the say on the internets: Your doin it wrogn!

mobius32 said...

Okay -- and this requires a little forecasting -- I suggest that you find the person who is alive now but will become mega-famous after he/she dies. Take LOTS of photos of this person and claim that you were aware of that person's genius when others weren't. You might want to start with the "A"s in the phone book.

Stan B. said...

Miserere- Yeah, it's what happens when ya don't Twitter and you're not on Facebook...

Miserere said...

What's Twitter?

Stan B. said...

It's either one of those new electronical games or one of the drugs those young people take- either one's a sure bet.