Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Why Do You Care?

Two plus Trillion lost and unaccounted- and that was pre-9/11, before we really started throwing serious money around. Currently, the US spends more on its "defense" budget than the combined military budgets of every other super power. Which just may help explain why:
  1. Our infrastucture is rusting away.
  2. Our public school system has become a veritable farce.
  3. We're the Western power without comprehensive health care for all its citizenry.
  4. Privatized penal systems are our major domestic growth industry.
  5. We're the world's number one arms exporter (& 19th in literacy)- USA, USA USA!!!
  6. We can't help but go places and kill people - lots of 'em, for long periods of time...

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