Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scot Sothern

I found these intriguing photos via Colin Pantall's blog via American Suburb X (which more often than not intimidates the hell outta me with its overwhelming plethora of quality photo goods). Some might find them merely exploitative, or dismiss them simply because they "look like they were shot in the '70s." But Mr. Sothern turned his attention to a faction of society that was seldom celebrated, let alone respected in any real way. Sure he took from them, if only through the visual exploitation of their bodies- but the intention was anything but malevolent, and the execution one of communication at least approaching mutual give and take. As a result, we are left with a series of images often painfully hard to look at,  yet intensely compelling nonetheless in all their B&W glory. Lives that mattered so seemingly little to those who lived them, and yet certainly reflect on us all. We may not have used or abused them- we simply chose to ignore them.  

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