Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vive Le Tour & Viva El Contador!!!

Photos: Jasper Juinen- Getty Images

Three weeks of torture, pain and discipline ends today with a triumphant Alberto Contador riding into the steets of Paris- a champion who was unjustly prohibited from competing last year in Le Tour despite being its previous year's winner, simply because he had the misfortune of joining a team which was then banned from participating for behavior prior to his joining! This year he took it all, despite competition even from within his own team, competition in the form of 7X champion Lance Armstrong. And despite what you may think of the latter (bully, cheat or ultimate champion) Armstrong's hawk like presence does add Drama with that capital D. Watching both ascend, along with second place winner Andy Schleck, trying to outpsyche and outpace each other up the vertical path to hell called Mont Ventoux was a cramp inducing spectacle of pain and persistence personified.

And they'll all be back for more next year...

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