Monday, July 13, 2009

Send Lots of Your Money To Planet Mag...

You can call this a case of being a sore loser all you want- but I've lost often enough over the years to know better than to submit to any competition expecting to win. I'm usually reluctant to enter such things, but occasionally, being human and all, hope (and desperation) does get the better of me.

Regardless, Planet magazine does have quite the set. Their 2nd Annual Global Travel Photo Contest is ridiculously high on the list of money grubbing photo competitions- at least as high on the list as their first annual contest, which also charged FIFTEEN Dollars PER Photo! That's right- each and every image you submit will cost you 15 greenbacks!

Now, no one forced me to enter, true that. All I'm saying is that you'd think for that price they'd at least honor their own obligations which stated entrants would be automatically notified upon receipt of submission- I never was (despite two inquiries). That's one... two... three separate opportunities to respond with a simple yes or no reply. But they sure as hell notified me right quick when to send more $$$!

Fool me once...

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