Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photographic OCD?

Well, it certainly looks like yet another "documentary photographer" has been caught with his hands in the "art" photography grab bag. That is, someone who has purposely gone so out of his way to deny he does any digital manipulation, certainly appears to have both hands deep into it- so much so, the NY Times has removed his featured essay from their site. Some people are obviously better able to spot such things than myself, I guess the question is- since this wasn't particularly a flash news item, shouldn't these images (all images in this day and age) have been vetted more meticulously by a photo editor who can, in fact, identify such manipulation for such a prestigious organization? Perhaps, this should even be a separate position- Image Authenticity Editor?

At this point, it sure seems as if Edgar Martins has got quite the case of photographic OCD. (via HuffPo)

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