Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tom Wik- Houses

When I lived in Tuscon for a year, I got it in my head that I'd take some "portraits" of the unique looking houses I saw there. It was one beautiful project as I envisioned it, and was even able to buy one beautiful camera to fulfill the dream- a mint cond. Mamiya 6 w/50mm WA. Of course, I quickly found out it was not to be, sadly the photographs did not measure up to the dream- or little else for that matter.

Then I ran into Tom Wik on Darius Himes' blog while researching another photographer- and there they were! The exact photographs I saw in my dream- every bit as proud and purdy and absolutely beautiful as ever I had envisioned them! I guess dreams do come true after all, even when they're no longer yours.

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