Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Guilt Of Buying Art

I actually bought a photographic print this week. I'm in debt (emergency family stuff, not wild spending), don't own a home or even a car- but I bought a piece of art. I can't afford a printer, inks and paper- but I spent money on a print, something I can no longer afford to make myself. Worse yet, far worse, people worldwide are being persecuted, starved, tortured, killed, maimed and made homeless- and instead of throwing a few more pennies their way to ease their suffering, I chose to spend those few dollars on a completely selfish, bourgeois commodity.

A few years ago I could've bought a beautiful panoramic, about four foot long as I recall and in pristine condition. It was some military type group photo from the 20's, gorgeous, and in a handsome old wooden frame (with glass)- a complete and absolute steal at a mere $250. Will regret not getting it till the day I die! So when I saw the handsomely matted print above (and I'm not one who usually goes for the manipulated stuff) at Rayko by David Wilson (the jpeg does no justice) that was humorously provocative, beautifully composed, and also at a drop dead price- I just knew I couldn't survive two such missed opportunities in my lifetime. So you see, I really had no choice... and at very least, this time I'd be helping out a fellow photographer.

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You did good!!! It wonderful