Monday, May 25, 2009

Jacob Holdt- The Legacy

It's good to see the many tributes and accolades afforded Jacob Holdt! And yet, if we're to learn anything from his accomplishments, it's that even a complete outsider can help make some kind of difference. And that if we don't make the effort- it just doesn't get done.

No, I certainly wouldn't expect the same superhuman level of sacrifice and commitment from all concerned, but as always, every little bit counts- especially when so many to this very day are still scared shitless of having an honest conversation about race. But would it take too much to say... simply send PDN a reminder that in 2009- a 24 member all white jury is every bit as shameful and ludicrous as it sounds? What if this situation (ie- the lack of minority representation in all facets of the photo art/creative community) was addressed by prestigious bloggers and photo insiders worldwide- or better yet, by a groundswell of unknowns, such as Jacob Holdt once was?

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