Friday, May 15, 2009

Kenneth Josephson

Ever wonder what it was like going to a photo gallery in SoHo in NYC in the mid 70's? Well you can experience somewhat of a flashback at The Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco this May/June. Of course, if you've been raised on super sized, color big macs- you may leave a tad underwhelmed. But if you approach this bit of "nostalgia" with an open mind, you may find these "undersized," monochromatic happy meals every bit as captivating and intriguing as their poster sized color cousins. Allow yourself the pleasure of being drawn into the photographs gradually, exploring the images' secrets and details on a more intimate level, rather than having them thrust from a wall across the room.

Kenneth Josephson is a photographer who incorporates the conceptual process within traditional B&W documentary context. His playful, witty juxtapositions of photographs and landscapes have been duplicated over the decades, but the original riffs still ring true...

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