Sunday, November 23, 2008

Smart Car v Leica

I remember when it wasn't that uncommon to see Fiats (which made VW Bugs look humongous) right here in the US of A when gas cost less than a single greenback per gallon back in the '60s. Those vintage wonders are now rarely seen even in Italy, but I love all those classic miniatures, including the Trabant and the original Mini Cooper (the latter quite the recent "in" accoutrement in Paris). I thought that after the gas lines of the mid seventies, new lines of small car wonders would blossom, but along came Reagan who immediately tore the solar panels off the White House roof, and we've been knee deep in gas guzzlers ever since.

Fortunately, the Smart car is making quite the go of it here in San Francisco, and I love the damn things- which, I understand, you can get for around half the cost of that new digital Leica DSLR.

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