Friday, November 28, 2008

A Couple of Air Force Officers Talkin' UFOs

This image of UFOs flying in formation over the restricted air space of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC was taken in 1952- a published newspaper photo of an actual event with both visual and radar confirmation convincing enough to have the military scramble jet interceptors. Now, granted that's not nearly as tidy as the fanciful, childlike, wish fulfillment fantasy of having them all land neatly on the White House lawn... but before you proclaim your own logical, rational, common sense explanation- remember that your illuminated geese, reflections of Venus and Mars theory must account for the fact that the same exact scenario occurred-- two weekends in a row.
People sometimes ask what's stopping our government from admitting that UFOs are, in fact, "real." The answer being the most simple and obvious possible: our government is not about to freely admit that there is an outside force so clearly capable of toying with us (ie- them) whenever and wherever they should so please.

These retired US Air Force military officers (you know- your average, everyday UFO whackos) relate how they have personally witnessed and/or documented UFOs "shutting down" and "turning on" our Minuteman nuclear missiles. Bill Nye, sad substitute for the voice of all things scientific, attributes the shutdowns to common power failures- despite triple redundancy backups, and offers no explanation for the CIA confiscated film. As one officer so eloquently puts it- you're not going to explain this away with "vinegar and baking soda."

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Stan B. said...

Q: Stan, seems you've gone back to more mundane and familiar territory.

A: Alas, someone who has difficulty differentiating between 1 and 1 million (as in previous post) should accept the fact that he would end up either losing or giving away everyone's money, when people are so much more accustomed to just having it stolen away.

Q: But isn't this whole UFO thing just degrading you're credibility even further?

A: I'm just repeating the experiences and observations of scientists (eg- Dr. Allen Hynek & Jacques Vallee) and trained observers throughout the world on what will be the most definitive issue facing mankind- if we live past the first two of saving us, and our planet, from ourselves.

Q: Wow, heady stuff!

A: You betcha!