Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CHANGE??? (update)

What does The Almighty Noam have to say about Obama's economic transition team? Well, he defers to the Bloomberg News, which states:

Most of these people shouldn’t be giving advice about the economy. They should be given subpoenas.

And why, oh why, oh why is a torturing son-of-a-bitch deluxe like John Brennan being considered for CIA head?!? And perennial lying bastard Gates is asked to remain...

I aint feelin' the change here folks!

UPDATE: President-elect Obama responds to the qualms and concerns of our Reciprocity Failure staff and readers.


Mark Page said...

I warned you Americans not to get too excited, we had the same short lived uphoria here in the UK when Thatcher went and "New" Labour got in.

Stan B. said...

There ya go, Mark! See? No problemo!!
It's all good!!!