Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Rambling Review, and Thank You

Recently the Magnum blog ran an advice post for young, aspiring photographers. Most of that advice (from world famous photographers) quite good, and as more than one young aspirant pointed out- often quite contradictory (a tad like life itself). On occasion, I've made my qualms and fears known here concerning young photographers, particularly when it comes to modern day financial considerations. Supporting oneself, particularly in these uncertain times (talk about cliches) is hard enough regardless of occupation- and art is always the first to take the hit in times of crisis. Fortunately, unlike the world of say... film, photography (and writing even more so) is an avocation that can be more readily pursued and practiced on one's own time despite occupation. That doesn't mean that you'll have the same frills and opportunities afforded professionals, it simply means that you won't be completely cut off from doing what you love.

Either way, if you're that artistic genius that won't be denied- you won't. If, like me (and I suspect countless others), you're someone "of more modest gifts," you do it for that love, and rejoice on those occasions when you are recognized and appreciated. It won't be often, or writ large, and certainly won't come anytime when you most want and need and demand it. You'll learn to live with that too- or not. These days at least, this little thing called the internet can help take the sting out of working in the anonymity of yore, as well as help disseminate the ideas and aspirations of photographers and creatives everywhere.

I remember when I first started making the rounds socially in NYC, occasionally you'd run into these congenial blowhards who'd promise you anything and everything straight outta nowhere. Of course, they had no intention whatsoever of doing any of the things they said aloud. They simply liked to hear themselves talk, and obviously had a lot of practice doing it. I mention that prehistoric memory because sometimes (as in rarely), someone does hear your voice, someone does recognize your contribution. Most recently in my case, the duckrabbit blog (yet another quality site that until recently had alluded me) has been more than generous in extolling the virtues of Reciprocity Failure, the writing and work that appears here- not to mention my own photography. Many thanks, Benjamin (wish there was someway I could... reciprocate)- and to all who frequent these pages...

Finally, if you've made it this far in this ever wandering ramble, recognize that the world is at a crossroads, and it comes from decades of ignoring the very world around us, and what we have done to it. Many of us will go down in denial to the very end, hopefully, the majority will rise to do what has to be done- or it will get done, and be done, regardless.

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