Sunday, September 1, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation!

I'd like to think this was an exercise in constructive dialogue (see commentary). And keep in mind this occurred at one very civil, very well mannered site- otherwise, it would have been death threats (and worse) from the get go...

While there are some legitimately responsible gun owners out there, they're probably in the minority; most gun owners, like most other people with anything else, probably take fairly moderate precautions that usually are... just safe enough. The problem, of course, is that firearms are not like everything else and require much more strenuous safeguards, and on those occasions when guns are not vigilantly safeguarded and therefore stolen or otherwise misused- it's very frequently tragedy writ large on a personal, or massive scale (eg- Newtown).

And then... there are the yahoos, who I would respect a helluva lot more if they were simply honest enough to admit that the real reason they want such easy access to so many guns has nothing to do with hunting, nothing to do with The Bill of Rights- and certainly nothing to do with government officials who may someday (as they claim), inexplicably turn on them (despite being paid off so handsomely through the various gun lobbies). 

Just come out and say that we want our guns so we can keep darkie in place whenever need be...

Arm yourself- with the facts!


Stan B. said...

Best comment to date from an emailer who shall remain anonymous (and had me rolling):

"I wouldn't touch those issues with YOUR ten-foot pole."

Stan B. said...

Second comment from equally famous, anonymous emailer:

"I feel sorry for your poor wife - you're tenacious AND argumentative...!!!"