Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall Semester Now In Session

Yeah, yeah- I'm working on the rest of 'em...    Photo: S. Banos

Well, the end of summer is nigh, and all the slowly reawakening photobloggers who have slept and partied (and supposedly photographed their way through summer) the last few months will soon emerge refreshed, renewed and revitalized (or so the legend doth go). And just in time, cause lately it's gone kinda crickets out here amongst the slumbering tubes of the interweb. Time for youngbloods (shouldn't they be screaming the most!?!) and elders alike to shoot a few sparks and get the blood flowing anew. 

Let's have at it gentlemen (and women), what's goes out there? It's almost freakin' Christmas for chrissakes!!!


Blake Andrews said...

Too busy sleeping and partying.

colin pantall said...

That time already, Stan?

Stan B. said...

We've been here before, Colin. Report to detention, you'll be debriefed accordingly.