Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Gatekeepers

Finally caught up with this remarkable documentary, and one not to be missed. The Gatekeepers is filled with the behind the scenes revelations that lend insight not only into the tactics of Shin Bet (the Israeli Secret Service), but more importantly, into their mind set.

Surprisingly, many of these hardened warriors who have been on the front lines before they assumed their command positions (unlike many a US politico) reveal a more thorough understanding of the no-win situation they're in than one would think. They know they can't possibly win by military means alone, they know that they are also viewed as terrorists- and they know that they have now been hijacked by Right Wing, religious extremists... just like many Muslin countries, and just like the good ol' USA. Unfortunately, that simple, basic glimpse of "self awareness" seems blatantly absent when it comes to the general populace of all three...

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