Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Morgan Cowles Archive Party!

All Photos Courtesy The Morgan Cowles Archive*

The Morgan Cowles Archive

Honestly, have no idea how I wondered unto the Morgan Cowles Archive and The Center for Land Use Interpretation, but sure glad I did- despite the infuriating lack of captions that accompany their photos. These ain't "art" photos per se (more your vernacular blend), but many are pretty much just that save perhaps for the slightest difference in angle or lens selection, others still just downright funny. This collection is filled with the roadside sideshows that make a successful road trip both rewarding and memorable going to and coming from whatever main event you have had in mind (particularly when the latter just doesn't add up as is sometimes the case).

Just looking at these gets me plenty jealous and riled up to rush out, grab a rental with the Nikon, wife and Tri-X, and leave the rest behind (before global warming floods us into 100 mi squares of never ending conflict)! Haven't done that in too long a while... 

In the meantime, I'll just have to content myself with some quality time perusing these at leisure- and guessin' where the hell they were taken. 

UPDATE: The good people at CLUI were kind enough to direct me to their Database where you can access the photo locations- Thanks Guys (it'll due till the intern writes up the captions)!

* Haven't seen too many photos lately of a 'lynching' that could make me smile.
The Morgan Cowles Archive

The Morgan Cowles Archive

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