Monday, August 26, 2013

"The Future Of Street Photography?"

I don't particularly get a rise outta raggin' on people- unless of course, they are truly, unquestionably evil. Otherwise, if ya have nothing good to say... Anyway, with all the attention (and money) that Brandon Stanton and his HONY project have accumulated, I hardly think my humble observations will incur any negative repercussions on his fame and fortune.

I’m like... happy for the guy, and I really wish him well. He's living the dream and he seems like a genuinely OK guy- more than OK! But I honestly just can’t get all that excited about... his work. It just strikes me as bland, commercial pap, which is in no small way why it is so readily accepted and celebrated. And I’ve seen too many photographers with way more unique and creative styles and visions that don’t get anywhere near this attention.

Yeah, I know- that’s life. And there's no accounting for taste. Like I said, I really wish him well. Very positive stuff (truly), and Lord knows we do need more of that. Having a photographer that makes people feel good on the street can't be all bad- and could be exactly what's needed in these security first, privacy challenged times we're living!

But, “The Future Of Street Photography?” I sure hope not… Hey, he's still young. Maybe, just maybe, at some point he'll start putting together something that goes beyond happy shots, beyond a mere Facebook celebration...

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