Sunday, August 18, 2013

Martin Manley

Why would anyone who could actually afford retirement these days kill themselves? Got me, nevertheless, I'm more than willing to give the now deceased his proper... props. Obviously, many will be quick to condemn, but this falls squarely in my official "it's not for me to judge" category- and if anything, I am just a tad too judgemental. It is curious however how many people will go out of their way to label him cowardly and inconsiderate, while not registering their righteous indignation on this truly inconsiderate (and unfortunate) guy. Not that it would serve any purpose whatsoever to judge either...

I guess I just find it odd that someone who wanted to end his life in such a 'responsible' manner gets such abuse- not to mention the desperate, artificial lengths that people will endure (or inflict on others) to stay alive at any cost. I get the sneaking suspicion that a lot of people who go on endlessly about preparing for the glory and wonder of the afterlife,* are really trying to talk themselves into believing in its actual existence...or trying to keep your attention from seeing what they're doing in this one.

Anyway, it is especially sad that "those concerned" have already seen fit to edit his final testimony.

*FWIW, I do believe in an afterlife- sans the celestial clouds and choirs, etc...

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