Sunday, August 4, 2013

The House I Live In

I was reading this (the comments that is- full of the bigotry and hatred of "post racial America") just before I watched the documentary above (one of the best I've ever seen), synchronicity I suppose... Is living in Detroit dangerous? I've never been, but I'd be a fool to think that it in many ways it isn't. And as I've always stated here- yes, people have to take responsibility for their own actions, just as society at large has to take responsibility for the environment it creates. It's easy to point at, ridicule, blame and demean. The symptoms of a disease are visible to everyone, and any fool can come up with their own bogus cause rooted in whatever easy prejudice they believe, that other fools in turn will quickly latch on to. Such were the Dark Ages, whose reasoning extends to this very day. It's a lot harder to go beyond the surface, behind the smoke and mirrors, to methodically pursue and dissect the root causes wherever they lie, right down to the point of origin- that often hit a lot closer to home than people are willing to admit. No one here is free of sin.

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