Monday, February 18, 2013

House Of Cards

This entire series looks like it was done in one take. That's not a put down, it's very well done and quite entertaining, just that the lead is the kind that Kevin Spacey can somnambulate  through and still get nominated (and win) whatever award this particular series could entitle him to. In it he plays a major Congressional wheeler and dealer- one I'm sure many can only dream of replicating in real life.

Anyway, the major reason I'm writing anything about this is because there was one very "humorous" scene in which George Stephanapoulos is interviewing grilling a politico on network news that the Kevin Spacey character has set up- and Lil' Georgie is not taking no for an answer. He's tenacious, a veritable pit bull, pushing him up against the wall and pimp slapping him at will. It's very much the way I've seen British interviewers go after their own home town wankers. The only problem is that Lovable Lil' Georgie is a veritable puppy dog in his real life news escapades- he's acting out his own macho idealization of himself in the wet dream of his life and career. Perhaps one day he'll be allowed to play the part in his own TV series, the one he could never achieve in real life...

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