Friday, February 8, 2013

Alien Harvest

This is old news (as far back as the sixties), but it continues to occur to this day. Horses and cows with there anuses, utters, throats and sexual reproductive organs cored out with the utmost surgical precision- and without a drop of blood (or tracks) to be found anywhere in sight! In some, the carcasses have actually made indentations in the ground as if dropped from considerable height. Of course, skeptics will dismiss all the above as the work of predatory animals. Try telling that to experienced ranchers- especially when scavengers will not even go near the remains!

At first many considered it the work of UFOs, since strange lights would be seen in the area(s) around the time of these occurrences. Some thought "cultists," although not one has ever been connected or arrested to any of these instances over the decades. Lately however, more terrestrial causes are being considered and an "experimental sedative" has been found in some of the carcasses. But the question still remains as to exactly who, or what, and even more importantly- why...


Eric Rose said...

next it will be humans! watch out for mysterious helicopters .... especially if they have hooks dangling from them.

Stan B. said...

One of the more interesting scenes in Zero Dark Thirty was when they introduced the stealth choppers that they "weren't even suppose to have."
And that's just the hardware they've allowed to be declassified.

PS- Hooks leave marks.