Monday, July 23, 2012

Political Gun Advocates- Paid To Be Insane

Interestingly, Sen. Johnson is also a friend to pedophile priests.

We can have laws regulating safety restrictions concerning cars, food, drugs- you name it... But there is no way, no way in hell that we can ever tolerate any restrictions whatsoever on how many guns we can own and how lethal we can make them! Cause everyone knows that if every American had an assault rifle, an RPG, and a different handgun for every day of the week (along with limitless ammo on demand), we would all be infinitely safer! Every god fearing American above the age of two knows that this great country was forged on the backs of those brave citizens able and willing to purchase high capacity 100 round magazines for their automatic weapons!!!

PS- Not to worry, all the media attention (what little there is and won't be) about having fewer guns in our lives will be over in... two weeks. Guaranteed.

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