Sunday, July 15, 2012

Days of Destruction/Days of Revolt

If ya have to let that one sink in for a while before it makes sense, or if it just doesn't make sense to ya no way, no how- count yourself one helluva lucky bastard... for the time being.

Chris Hedges And Joe Sacco are two of my favorite journalists in the whole wide world- one tells it like it is, the other shows it. Both offer insights into sections of the world and society that many of us would either choose to ignore- or purposely wish to misrepresent to maintain our own comfort level and chosen "world view."

Photography (not to mention the written word) is often cited and faulted for being the limited medium that it has always been and cannot help but be- and no one knows it more than any skilled and capable photographer (or writer). Sacco's work addresses those limitations in all its various subtleties and nuances, and he's done so repeatedly (and ever so effectively) whether in Gaza, Bosnia- or the down and out realities of homeland USA in Days of Destruction/Days of Revolt...

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