Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"As Dogs Marking Their Territory"

   Photo: S. Banos
Photography is easier, more popular and as ubiquitous as the weather; long gone is the romantic, analog notion of photographs being treasured, historical artifacts. And at least since the seventies, there have been those who have called for the time when all of us are as visually versed and educated in the medium of photography, as in any other. The question, of course, is that now that we find ourselves in this global, nonstop digital shootout, are we any more literate in this particular medium- or are we no different than the minions of functionally illiterate students that inhabit our nation's middle schools?

This article is surprisingly rife with some (possibly?) insightful facts, quips and observations concerning our current and curious state of photography...

Prof. Cooper even cynically suggests that people brandish smart phones habitually now because no one smokes any more and they aren’t sure want to do with their hands. 

One photographer's unique contribution to slow things down...

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