Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Properly Activated

Time always allows one the the luxury of research and revision, I know I've had to examine and reexamine my own positions and biases. Questions regarding racism, colonialism, altruism- all come into question, particularly when concerning a region that few who don't live there could ever possibly understand.

This is one of the more enlightening and well nuanced explanations and breakdowns of the whole Kony 2012/Invisible Children video/movement.* The video did succeed in getting the message out- unfortunately, people often make their financial contribution and... problem over, or better yet- forgotten! Perhaps, more importantly, it has also succeeded in raising many more questions about the nature of activism, particularly when it comes to dealing with "The Dark Continent."  And quick fix Americans would be the last people on earth to initiate any kind of effective, long lasting solution. That would involve patience, diligence- and the willingness to understand how our country's own involvement and interests are intertwined in the affairs of peoples that exist mostly in the caricatures of our own mind and making.

*(the links on p.1 provide further clarity)

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