Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dressing The Part

Exceptionally well attired San Franciscan gent.

St. Stupid's Day (on April Fool's Day) is yet another excuse for the citizenry of San Francisco to don even sillier costumes than they ordinarily wear during their everyday life. I suppose that's a somewhat cruel thing to say about my adopted hometown, particularly since I'm not exactly the clothes horse myself. But then, I'm hardly the first or only to comment likewise- it's the one sad fact about this town (other than how damn expensive it is)... people (straight or gay), and most sadly women, are absolutely clueless as to any sense of style. It's not unusual to see the latter actually sporting a floral print dress over a pair of jeans- simply inexcusable. Some kind of festering, post hippie vibe I suppose.

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