Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Double Blast From The Past

Battery Park, NYC- (Statue of Liberty, 100th Anniv)

Part of my continued and blatantly beleaguered attempt to update my earliest "miniature" jpgs on Flickr... I remember spotting these three incredibly dour faces in the foreground above and lifting my camera upwards, enthralled by the scene in my viewfinder of the continuous, non stop movement of the masses behind them, as if they were the very center piece of some spontaneous, yet highly choreographed dance ensemble. I clicked off two quick exposures, and the second with the guy entering from the left with furrowed brow had everyone hitting their mark on cue.

The one below was taken while I... was studiously scanning the crowd in the background looking for the possible picture opportunity. Turning my gaze downwards momentarily, I noticed little man about to go to town. The only one more surprised than I was the guy staring directly at him. 

Central Park, Gay Pride Rally '78


donna malone said...

So Good! Both.

Stan B. said...

Thanks, Donna! Every once in a great while, you do get lucky...