Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marcus Bleasdale @ The Anastasia Photo Gallery

Photo: Marcus Bleasdale

Marcus Bleasdale photos of Africa contain all the cliches so common to documentary photography of this genre- they're stark, gritty, black and white images. We see refugee camps, child soldiers, people in turmoil...

But there's also something more; some images offer glimpses of joy, community- hope. Somehow you sense that not all those pictured are doomed, there are those that will not allow themselves to succumb to their circumstances- no matter how much has been taken, no matter how little remains. They are going to survive this, humanity intact.

I have mentioned The Anastasia Photo Gallery before, who not only exhibit exemplary documentary photography, but also tie in their exhibits with support for philanthropic organizations dealing with related causes (in this case an orphanage). God knows we could use more photographers- and galleries, such as these...

Photo: Marcus Bleasdale

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