Monday, September 26, 2011

Elizabeth Warren- Truth To Power

She's running for Senate- I hope she run's for something higher in 2016....

In the meantime, I'm just going to run the comment I posted over at TYWKIWDBI:

I live in a country where corporations are considered "persons," in a country where corporate welfare, government subsidies and the ability of the uber-rich to hide their profits in foreign banks and not pay taxes on any of it is all well and good. It is also all well and good for the citizens of this country to die a miserable death because they cannot afford routine medical attention.

Republicans have always played to their base "of the haves and the have mores," as "W" himself put it so well in one of his pathetically few moments of clarity. Ms. Warren simply points out what happens when such skewed, misguided and pernicious governance is allowed to run amuck- like starting two wars while lowering taxes.

This country has become so deluged, so inundated with the daily, childlike, ideological right wing rantings of FOX and friends, that when an adult finally has the courage and common sense to speak... common sense, they are pilloried for making sense.

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