Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gypsies, Gypsies, Gypsies...

Photo: Josef Koudelka*

I had the distinct pleasure of rediscovering Koudelka's Gypsies while in NY. What's the big deal? The new Aperture version has many more pictures from the original essay that are every bit as good aesthetically as those featured in the first edition- and as if that aint enough, the reproductions in this version are luscious, luxurious, practically extravagant (and complete with several fold outs). It really doesn't matter if you (like I) have the first edition, that was only half the essay- printed with half their tonal values (and those of you who have the original know that the latter in not an exaggeration).   *Hard to believe the above photo was excluded from the original!

Meanwhile, another book on the Roma also called Gypsies (by Patrick Cariou) is also just out and very much worthwhile. The latter is filled with wonderfully busy, gorgeously colorful compositions- and must say I like it even more than The Roma Journeys by Joakim Eskildsen.

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