Saturday, July 23, 2011

Madness In Every Color

The very thought of all those innocent youths being mercilessly slaughtered is certainly enough to turn anyone's stomach- except of those who place the right to own every conceivable type of gun ever made over everyone's basic right to live. And there are obviously enough of the latter in this country to actually regulate the insanity of our gun laws*

If anything, this Norwegian madman was quite efficient. Again, had it happened here in the US, the usual right wing, gun pundits would be avidly proclaiming that "guns don't kill people..." As if someone, even if armed with a broad sword, could kill so many in so short a time. 

There is, of course, no silver lining to this murderous insanity, no grand lesson learned, except perhaps a reconfirmation of an age old truth that evil exists in all humanity- regardless of color, culture, or creed.

* Oh, and of course... many of these same insane gun proponents would cite that this madness in Norway just validates "the fact" that tighter gun laws just don't work- completely ignoring inconvenient realities such as:

In 1999, there were 28,874 gun-related deaths in the United States- over 80 deaths every day.

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