Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Equipment Fail!

Was happy as paste when I ordered a couple of Holga lenses in Nikon mount, equipment even I could afford and hopefully use whenever the occasion should arise! I for one love the dream like, alternative quality a Holga provides and I'm always seeking to go lighter and more bulk free whenever possible, and although a Holga sure don't weigh much, it still takes up space. Having two minuscule, super light weight lenses (and one a WA!) on a body with adjustable settings would be one very versatile and most definite win, win!

But then... I neither contemplated, nor was I forewarned, what it would be like to actually look through these plastic wonders on an SLR. Although the actual working aperture may well be f8 or thereabouts, in practice it's like looking through with the lens stepped down to f22... with a polarizer. Other words, it's a very impractical, unusable set up. 'Nuff said.

Now on to things... much more usable, and every bit impractical- instead of a shitty lens on a fancy body, how 'bout a fancy lens on a crap body?

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