Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Obama Hypocrisy, The Legacy Continues...

The people responsible for the torture of thousands, the very same people responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghan men, women and children- yes, the very same people who sent our own young to be killed, maimed and traumatized for life in a completely unnecessary and senseless war, and then bankrupted our entire country as their final swan song have absolutely nothing to fear. Our President of HOPE and Change we can all believe and stick up far into the farthest unknown recesses of our ass has guaranteed that justice will never come near any of The Bush Crime Family while living in the nation they so enthusiastically helped tear down.

And yet, when someone steps up and tries to do the right thing- they're ready, willing and able to prosecute and imprison on moment's notice. As for mass killers- they're federally approved!

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